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“Every day is wonderful, Just wonderful!” -Grandmaw Joy.

Before she passed away she told me these words as she lay in bed not feeling well and not able to care for herself any longer

“Every day is wonderful, Just wonderful!” -Grandmaw Joy.

She meant it. She truly enjoyed life and everyone who crossed her path. What an amazing woman. I thank her for the example we can follow, forever. She knew her Lord and Savior Jesus, and she had nothing to fear as she passed on to see those who went before her. If you read her obituary, you will be amazed. Just at the fact that she had an enormous family..

She had  13 Children, 81grandchildren and  107great grandchildren and  8 great great grandchildren.

She was a friend to everyone. I love that my husband has that quality.

She hunted and at 85 she took this hunting photo.

No one knows how many thousand of fish she caught!

How many Tomatoes did she grow???

How many ears of corn?

How many biscuits did she bake?  and they were the best!

How many hugs did she give ?

Of course I could go on and on… I am better off for knowing her and If I could accomplish a fraction of what she has done I’d say I had done a lot.       We will miss her enormously, but we will meet again and that eases the sting.


Martha Joyce ‘Joy’ Neal LaGrone
‘Go Forth and Multiply’ Genesis 1:22. Joy was a loving Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grand Mother and Friend to all, a Farmer’s wife, avid hunter, fisherman, gardener; who loved everyone and never met a stranger; a devoted Catholic, member of the Catholic Daughters of St Ann’s Catholic Church, Morganza, LA. A native and resident of Brownview, LA, Joy passed away Tuesday, May 12, 2015, at the age of 88 years. Survived by her Children: #2 Sandra LaGrone Peavy Mayers , husband, Mason; #3 Donna LaGrone Bergeron; #4 Charlotte LaGrone Fabre, husband, Gary; #5 Jonathan W LaGrone, wife, Norma; #6 James “Jimmy” N LaGrone, wife, Diane; #7 Bruce D LaGrone, wife, Marilyn ; #8 Babette LaGrone Allen, husband, Bob; #9 Myron Dale LaGrone, wife, Melinda; #10 LT Colonel William R “Billy” LaGrone (retired), wife, Kelley; #11 “Katie” LaGrone James; #12 Chuck R LaGrone; wife, Sherri; #13 Mary LaGrone Benoit, husband, Troy: 81 Grandchildren; 107 Great Grandchildren; 8 Great Great Grandchildren; Brother: Denny J Neal, wife, Martha, Sister: Wilma Neal Carroll, husband, Lee: Sisters-in-law: Nora Cline Neal and Opal Mayers Neal. Preceded in death by husband, Vernon Joel LaGrone, Sr; Children #1 Vernon Joel LaGrone, Jr; wife Sharon Gauthier; grandchildren Vernon Joel III, Michael J and Cassandra Lynn LaGrone, Hannah Faith Peavy, William Gabriel Matte, Ayden James LaGrone; Father, James Sanders Neal; Mother, Lillian Vosburg Neal; Brothers, Foster, Felix, Wesley, Kenneth and Frances Neal; Sons-in-Law, Harvey Bergeron Sr, Randall A James, Ernest R Peavy, Jr. Pallbearers are Sons #5, #6, #7, #9, #10, and #12. Honorary Pall Bearers are Ernest Ray Peavy, III, Harvey G Bergeron, Jr, Tom J Fabre, Jonathan W LaGrone, Jr, Tilghman J LaGrone, Bruce David LaGrone, MSG Robert E Allen,III , Aaron Dale LaGrone, LT Christopher Lozano, Randall Anthony James, Jr, Jesse Forrest LaGrone, Christian Thomas Benoit.


  Happening now ….

Stay tuned as I put up pictures of the best air show starring blue angles !!! 

Last minute hat hack … Buy cheap hat . It had an ugly scarf . Buy prettier scarf . You get the idea. Also , don’t forget the string it’s windy out here . One other thing the bag on the chair near the pretty girl . Is my Tunisian chevron design there are directions on my YouTube . More planes and stunts to come .  





Too late 

Imagine yourself in your old age  you have been married happily for many years to the love of your life . But now you are dying a little too early parting will be sorrowful your spouse trying to cope holding back tears . If you could turn back time you would fight to quit.  The gut wrenching pain will live on in your absence . There is nothing you can do now. It is too late . 

Don’t Smoke

Where Elvis once trod 

Here I sit within these walls of history made new .

Roadies all around but nowhere to be found .

The sound before the melody comes turbulant and booming.

Chasing all the ghosts away forgotten commemorated staying in the shadows.

Overhead I hear blue Angels with  a thunderous reverberation

The sound causes me to swell with pride of men so clean and true, they hold my heart as Heroes of old and of new .

But on the ground where I sit in this historic conglomeration

I am now a player in this history before it prevails .

My act so minute is seen by the only one who is unseen by all.

I hope that my production will one day be an act that reveals my unseen audience .

And these hall tonight Americana will do what it does.  Bob, lift up voice,  bawl and brew then become digitalized history .

All where Elvis once trod.


Yarn label

When reading a yarn label , The first thing I usually think about is … What is this made from?   Well , obviously this information is on the label. So here is more information on that topic!

don’t look for the yarn barn product. I don’t think it would be a real yarn.

The door opens on its own. hmmm check it out.

In my new video on how to hold the yarn and hook for crochet . The door opens on its own. hmmm check it out.

Want to learn how to crochet?

One of the things I don’t like about many tutorials is all of the unnecessary conversation. My attempt here is to be direct and to the point. I am making a detailed video for each step with more explanation and a short version of each with only demonstration to go over the form until proficient and can also be used as a refresher.  This for now is the only link to them Other than directly.  I hope you may want to learn crochet. I have some polishing to do on these videos. But I want people to have a sneak preview here.


One funny thing , on one of the videos the doors open by themselves. LOL , IT was the wind but it looks eerie. haha