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It’s growing silver 

May 19, 2015

….and I’m growing o_ _. Recently I was mistaken for a senior citizen and then a few days later a senior citizen asked me out!!! He apparently could no longer see! I am happily married and wear a RING.  I still refuse at this point to give up on the transition . There are so many looks obviously 


  at my scalp . People are usually kind they usually say nothing and I am very glad that I can not read minds ! 

When I hear myself wondering  “What am I doing ?”  I go to Pinterest and see the beautiful gray hair photos ! There is hope? For my head? I think . 

This is difficult I will not lie .  I’m planning a hair trim soon . I hope this will help matters . 

To top it all off . There is a photo floating around of me on fb now that I hate ! Bad posture ,bad side . Hair falling and looking TERRible !  I’ll just pretend that is not happening . And to combat that UGLY pic. I put up a prettier picture . Imagine the unfiltered transparency you are reading here ! Compared to what is going on on fb . 

There is hope , All is not superficial . I am brave or ___________ fill in the blank.  ( but keep it to yourself , please) .  

Now to go manipulate my hair yet again . 


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