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Where Elvis once trod 

April 30, 2015

Here I sit within these walls of history made new .

Roadies all around but nowhere to be found .

The sound before the melody comes turbulant and booming.

Chasing all the ghosts away forgotten commemorated staying in the shadows.

Overhead I hear blue Angels with  a thunderous reverberation

The sound causes me to swell with pride of men so clean and true, they hold my heart as Heroes of old and of new .

But on the ground where I sit in this historic conglomeration

I am now a player in this history before it prevails .

My act so minute is seen by the only one who is unseen by all.

I hope that my production will one day be an act that reveals my unseen audience .

And these hall tonight Americana will do what it does.  Bob, lift up voice,  bawl and brew then become digitalized history .

All where Elvis once trod.



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