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How to not be bored at work …

April 20, 2015

Having a part time job I work usually one day a week .  This place of employment is so quiet and there is nothing to do so finding entertainment is my business.  So, for today I have been making dub smah videos and sending them to people. (Probably not a good idea )

We have no wifi here so bringing this tiny TV  with me is a hope to stay entertained…

I am stuck watching B-movies …. But the most entertaing part of the day is trying to catch a TV channel . Moving the antennae here and there . Causing me  to wondering why am I having trouble being creative .

Oh, and in the process my printer stopped working (That had nothing to do with me. ) I called a lady she came to fix it from a different location . Happily,  I managed to repair it before she arrived . (Thanks to the patient customers no one was hurt )

On another note ….  I sure like watching what other people do with my patterns . One recent pattern was made into really pretty earrings by someone else …. I Love THAT!!! So a shout out to that girl that made the great earrings !!!

I have been random but  it’s that sort of thing .,this blog may just be a diary.   I think I may leave a dub smash in the comments below . If I can figure that out .

Have a great day people and If you are bored , Don’t worry, work will catch up with you , It always does .


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