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Attempt to lighten hair color

April 13, 2015

Captains Log…

Mon, April 13. Time 9:05

I decided to browse Pinterest. Looking for more brilliant earring ideas that I have been unable to think up on my own .  At this time something of interest caught my eye. The ever idea of hair on my mind . Going through this transition of growing out to a natural color. I am sometimes directed by my own desire to quickly complete this process hence I changed my course of study on Pinterest.

I had a few hair compliments yesterday on my two tone hair. I carefully styled it to try to lessen the visual effects of demarcation.  Because, the boundary of where abuse and misuse even the fallacy of where  follicles are manipulated and then attempt to  impersonate something much younger is like turning back the odometer on a 1965 mustang and trying to pass it off as a 2005 year model.


I just ran across this method to lighten my hair dye. Is this a mistake to try? Certainly mixing vitamin C and shampoo can not hurt my hair and cause a really weird color to result . Right?  Well lets find out…..

9:45 am

Unintended results.

I took about 1/4 cup water. the same amount of shampoo i usually use to wash my hair and Emergency vitamin drink mix. it has 1000mg of vitamin c and lots of extras. ha

I rinsed my hair then applied this mixture. Others leave it on for an hour. NOT ME.  I was afraid to go past 5 minutes. I noticed my hair began to feel different Hard to describe but porous or not as soft.  . So I rinsed it out quickly and added conditioner and rinsed.

As I dried my hair i noticed it was  Lighter as in not heavy ( great for  me my hair is so coarse and thick) and softer! did I say softer?!

Well apparently I really needed a good stripping of all of those hair products I use. LOL

Perfect I am happy with this….

My daughter says it looks a little red.      So it does work after 5 minutes a slight redness resulted and I only had it in for  5 minutes . I can not imagine the damage this would cause if I had gone longer.


This works but may be damaging to hair.  When my my hair gets weighed down again with products. Ill strip my hair with something made for that purpose. No bad results for ME after 5 minutes of use.

*When I tried to highlight my hair before it would always go red and I am brunette.

*My hair has not been colored since late December or early January.


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