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Silver Fox Approaching

April 7, 2015

I started coloring my hair after being married to a younger man. The love of my life. And he is only 6 years younger when i  had a few grey’s at 31 years. So against my own desire but a need to look younger for him. ( although he never asked me to color) ( From what I remember ) So, for 18 years of marriage I have been coloring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . (yes, that is eighteen exclamation points. )

Okay, I enjoyed looking very young for my age.  But,  I am getting older hair was longer a couple of weeks ago and still colored med brown. for a number of reasons I decided to STOP coloring.

1 They quit making my color.

2 The next color touch up burnt my scalp.

3 my hair grows fast.

4 I feel self conscious when the roots show, even a little. I’m hiding this grey secret.

5 Stop the madness.

6 coloring takes time and money. Both of which I like to save.

7. this one should be should be – #1  Is that when I lost 40 lbs recently  my hair starting coming out in bales! ahhhhh.

*side note here, I have been taking hair and nail vitamins, Problem solved. Hallelujah !!!

I know my friends don’t think I should look older But will I really?  I think the way things have been, I have young looking hair, But the face, the conversation everything else about me is not 20 something anymore. I am ready to accept the fact that I am not twenty. I was looking in the mirror thinking my look does not match the way feel. I am happy to be my age I feel good but, I don’t want to pretend. ( That is just about me.  it is not a judgment about those who color. )

Before.    Photo on 1-29-15 at 10.32 PM


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  1. Your silver hair is beautiful and you look beautiful with it dyed or all natural 🙂 I have a few strands myself and wouldn’t dare to dye it and hide it. I can’t wait to be silver ALL over

  2. creative pixie permalink

    You look beautiful. I’m 35 and already have some strands of white hair among my dark brown locks, however I’m not planning on dying my hair, I’m going to embrace it, as like yourself, I too have a young face 🙂

  3. Yeah I quit dying mine too because of all you said … Time, money, having to touch it up too often. My 23 year old son says my silver streaks look cool. He says if and when I don’t look good, he will tell me. Lol. Besides the money and the time it takes, what about health reasons? I just don’t wanna have to keep dying my hair til I die! Yours looks pretty I think.

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