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To Begin- Cotton

March 18, 2015

You may have cotton yarn lying around your home. If so don’t let it sit unused. Cotton is to be enjoyed. It is a preferred fiber over synthetic combinations used by many . Never buy sheets with polyester! just don’t do it. Feel the luxurious cotton it is so natural like summer time and it is a gift to us all.

To enjoy the cotton yarn that you have acquired ( or get some) … Do the following:

make wash cloths. Use them or they can be given to a friend with a nice soap and tied together with bakers twine.

make dish cloths.

make a spring time shawl

make a sweater

make a hippie vest, crochet of course:)

You will enjoy the feel of the cotton as you work with it and may be thinking of cotton sheets hanging in the summer sun when you were a child. Or like me ,thinking of the patchwork cotton dress that my grandmother made my sister when we were not even wearing makeup yet.

Now is the time to enjoy a few more cold days and prepare with cotton for summer.


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