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Holding On 

Here is an update on my transition to gray . Whew , this last hair trim was a near disaster !  I am not sure what was going on in my stylists mind . But , I Walked  out of there not sure if I should buy a bottle of color .  But , I managed to get it to look ok. 

I’m still going for it . And going to Pinterest for gray inspiration as I need encouragement .  



Wing -it-cake

Yes you can wing it too ! 
Watch as I make this cake …. It’s like slow slow TV 🙂 


Pocket gopher 

Yup,  we have these here . #Bill Murray .

It’s growing silver 

….and I’m growing o_ _. Recently I was mistaken for a senior citizen and then a few days later a senior citizen asked me out!!! He apparently could no longer see! I am happily married and wear a RING.  I still refuse at this point to give up on the transition . There are so many looks obviously 


  at my scalp . People are usually kind they usually say nothing and I am very glad that I can not read minds ! 

When I hear myself wondering  “What am I doing ?”  I go to Pinterest and see the beautiful gray hair photos ! There is hope? For my head? I think . 

This is difficult I will not lie .  I’m planning a hair trim soon . I hope this will help matters . 

To top it all off . There is a photo floating around of me on fb now that I hate ! Bad posture ,bad side . Hair falling and looking TERRible !  I’ll just pretend that is not happening . And to combat that UGLY pic. I put up a prettier picture . Imagine the unfiltered transparency you are reading here ! Compared to what is going on on fb . 

There is hope , All is not superficial . I am brave or ___________ fill in the blank.  ( but keep it to yourself , please) .  

Now to go manipulate my hair yet again . 

When in the country 

Eat cake! 

  People know how to bake in the country! 

Old River Floating Camps 

Here , for centuries in this lowest looking place . Fisherman have been enjoying the bounties of Old River , in Louisiana . 

On the way to Grandmaw Joys wake yesterday  and funeral today . We drove around looking at the fishing camps . You will see styrofoam underneath and for obvious reason, because  Old River is connected to the Mississippi River whose water levels change enormously with the seasons and weather. When the water goes up the camps float up and the polls keep them from floating away.   Some camps are fixed on stilts .

 I saw a four story camp on the skinniest rotting stilts! Scary ! 

Here are photos . This River is beautiful from a boat ! We were just near the few camps that are there .  And in the photo that looks like a bayou . If you look really hard you will see a little gator sitting on a log . 

Enjoy!  the Deep South as you will never see in an issue of the Southern Living Magazine .  


Come unto me 

While riding  over the bridge today this scripture popped into my mind .

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (‭Matthew‬ ‭11‬:‭11, 25, 28-30‬ KJV)
Think of that !  I can testify that these words are true . I can’t blame others for my issues because  I have been invited into a place of rest .  I learned after many years of trying to handle it myself , fix my own issues, being self reliant that there is a place to go . That place is a relationship with Jesus . That scripture is a quote of Jesus Himself .